A Country In Turmoil

Destruction in Kobe
Destruction in Kobe

Japan is a country in turmoil in more ways than one. Not only have they just experienced the worst earthquake in recorded history, but they are for the vast majority, a country without Christ and without hope! Will you help me mobilize people to pray for Japan tomorrow at your church?

More than 9,500 people are unaccounted for in Minamisanriku, a small village in northern Japan

Pray for:
1. The missionaries in Japan to be used of God in extraordinary ways.
2. More laborers. Not only to aid in humanitarian relief, but more importantly, for laborers to take the Gospel to these hurting people.
3. God to be glorified.
4. The hearts of the Japanese people to be opened.
5. Many people to be saved as a result of this disaster.
6. Our Family as we prepare to take the Gospel to Japan.

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