Japanese Evangelist, Juji Nakada




Juji Nakada was born into the home of a Samurai.  When his father died when Juji was only four, his mother turned to the missionaries to help her get through this difficult time.  With them, she learned of Christ and trusted him as her savior.  Therefore, Juji, from a young age, was raised in the home of a Christian.

As a young man, Juji developed a deep love for Christ and would often gather crowds and preach to them.  When the time came for him to receive an education, he decided to go to the United States and study at the Moody Bible Institute.  While here, he met a Western Union executive, Charles Elmer Cowman and his wife, Lettie Burd Cowman and Ernest A. Kilbourne.  They became fast friends and, when the Cowmans felt like they wanted to do mission work, Juji pushed and challenged them to go to Japan, which they did.

Together, this team was able to form the Oriental Missionary Society.  Soon, the work of the OMS was flourishing.  The best part was that most of the work was being done by the Japanese these men had trained.  In less than six years of ministry, there were 12 missions and 22 Japanese pastors and women working in the ministry.  Soon, a seminary was started, which grew so rapidly that they outgrew their original building in three years.  Within the first 30 years of the school, there were over 2,000 graduates.

Juji’s work would spread throughout many countries and touch countless lives.  When he died of intestinal tuberculosis at the age of 69, he left behind a strong Japanese church that could reach out to other countries with the Gospel.

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